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Mind/Body Healing Arts


Marjorie Muentz, M.A.
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
ABMP Certified Bodywork Therapist
Phone: 925-484-1222

I have over 40 years experience in mind/body therapies.  I also use and have training in traditional/conventional therapies based on talk therapy.  I use whatever approach is most compatible with the client and appropriate for the situation.  In addition to verbal therapies, I use non-verbal techniques to facilitate integration and relaxation.  In a relaxed state, the self is able to confront and dissolve the fearful and negative thoughts and feelings, eliminating the paralyzing effects of anxiety and depression.

 I create a safe place for confronting and integrating disturbing thoughts and feelings and creating a new sense of self based on your deepest intentions and dreams of wholeness.

Besides being a Marriage and Family Therapist, traditionally trained in individual, couples, and family therapy with its emphasis on communication, empathy and understanding, I am a mind/body therapist. This means that non-verbal communication and body language are an essential part of understanding ,expressing, and contacting the deeper levels of the self and in communicating with others. This body awareness also frees your body from the burden of expressing and communicating repressed and disowned feelings as symptoms and illness.


INDIVIDUAL THERAPY - I use a combination of traditional, conventional therapies and alternative therapies described below and on the therapy page, depending on client needs and wishes.

COUPLES THERAPY - Past patterns of relationship get re-established in the present. Learn how past experiences create expectations now and how we use present relationship to resolve old traumas.

MIND/BODY THERAPIES - Experience the connection and oneness of spirit, mind, emotion, and body. Develop the observer consciousness for awareness and self-acceptance. Use mental focus, visualization and breathing to create deep states of relaxations to transcend the conscious mind and access the power of the unconscious mind.

ENERGY MEDICINE - Learn to perceive and direct energy flow in your own body and others. Use the structure of the ancient chakra system to interpret information you are always receiving. Discover which acupuncture points to tap to alter mental and physical states.

ADVANCED NEUROPSYCHOLOGICAL TECHNIQUES - Discover and experience new therapies that use the latest discoveries on how the brain functions to get quick and profound changes for resolving trauma, reducing stress and anxiety,alleviating depression, and eliminating pain.

Individual and Couples Sessions - My fees are $150.0
0 a session. I expect payment at the time of service.  I will give you a receipt for you to submit to your insurance company if you have coverage.  Please check with your insurance company regarding what, if anything, they will cover regarding mental health benefits.  Inquire about deductibles, number of sessions, out-of-network providers, amount covered per session, and whether or not approval is required by primary care physician.