Mind/Body Healing Arts


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Mind/Body Healing Arts

My practice consists of individual, couple, and family therapy. I also teach classes in how to use mind/body techniques and processes for developing awareness and skills for self healing and self empowerment in dealing with all kinds of stress and illness. I started teaching these classes in 1977. I also have several years experience working with physicians and chiropractors in somatic medicine. My experience in bodywork gives me special insight and specific knowledge regarding the impact of stress, emotions, thoughts, lifestyle on physical and mental health.

I became a licensed psychotherapist in 1986 and have used many mind modalities that engage body awareness such as hypnosis, EMDR, sensori-motor psychotherapy, somatic experiencing, and selective awareness.

While using interactional therapies for couples and families, I use many different modalities in individual therapy - cognitive-behavioral, EMDR, hypnosis, energy therapies including TFT, EFT and Yoga meditation. (see page 2) I tailor my therapy to the client's needs, beliefs, and style. I believe very strongly that beliefs, feelings, and stressful life situations impact the body, and if these states become chronic, they impact thoughts and feelings and establish dominant mood states. Changing these habits of mind involves awareness of the body which is also an important avenue for grounding, centering, and processing powerful feelings now unconsciously limiting one's life. By creating A SAFE PLACE for this integration of mind and body, I believe I facilitate spontaneous healing from within. My faith is in the client's healing process and desire for wholeness and fulfillment. I am a facilitator.