Mind/Body Healing Arts


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Mind/Body Healing Arts

I have been teaching variations of this class for the last 30 years, under different names - Using the Mind's Eye,  The Inner World, Developing Intuition, Energy Awareness, Self Healing through Relaxation and Awareness - depending on the particular focus, needs and interests  of the group.  What makes it different from most classes is that it is primarily experiential.  I explain how imagery works directly on the emotional and physical body and how to integrate it with our everyday awareness and consciousness, but then we do it.

This class deals with actually experiencing the effects of visualization, breathing, meditation.  Visualization reveals the patterns of how our mind works, revealing its habits and its subconscious expectations.  Using imagery in an active and receptive way we can bypass the blocks that habit and experience have created.  We can use it to improve relationships, set goals,  and  change habits.  We learn how to experience the changes we want and make them more than wishful thinking because imagery is how our right brain thinks and is directly connected to the emotional and physical centers of the brain; whereas the left side of the brain is the logical, rational, verbal, theoretical side of the brain, often totally out of touch with our real life experience, but carrying very important information and wisdom.  We integrate these two sides by developing the observer consciousness, reaching deep states of relaxation where information is not threatening, and applying our knowledge and wisdom to our emotional experiences and thereby altering them.

  Breathing is the natural bridge to the subconscious and by using the breath we can access subconscious information and power.  While our breathing goes on outside of our awareness most of the time, it is a function we can consciously control, and we can slow and deepen our breath to match states of great peace and calm and to focus our mind. 

Using several meditative techniques, we can calm the chatter of the mind.  Only by disidentifying from this chaotic stream of thoughts, feelings, impulses can we get to the deeper, more creative levels of our being.  By devleoping the observer self and non-judgmentally observing our bodies, feelings, thoughts, beliefs, we expand our self-awareness and free us to make new choices.

Most of these exercises develop the right side of the brain where we think in images.  . Imagery  bypasses the "critic" and limited world view of the left brain that relies on rational, linear ways of thought that can restrict and censor our awareness and experience.  We can integrate the two sides - expanding the concepts of the left side and moderating the habits and feelings from the past on the right side.

This class is not a therapy group where members bring in a problem to share or discuss, but the exercises will indirectly address any problems one is facing.  If feeling frazzled, overwhelmed, exhausted, the exercises allow the mind to become focused and calm.  The classes are fun.  Those who want to share their experiences with the guided imagery can, but the greatest effect is the amplified effect of being in a room where everyone is grounded, centered, and calm.  We match energy with those around us, and when a room full of people decide to relax, it is a profound experience. 

  •  Calm and focus the mind.
  • Clear the mind of old programming that no longer usefulI
  • Identify fragmented and conflicted parts of self
  • Acquire tools to bypass the critical part of the brain.
  • Shift consciousness to create behavior change.
  • Use the imagination to transcend the limits of the natural world. 
The class is a six-week class, two-hour session and costs $50 a session for a total of $300, payable in advance.  Thank you.