Mind/Body Healing Arts


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Mind/Body Healing Arts


 While the definition focuses on what distiguishes this technique from others, all the therapies I use - mind or body - are seen as an integral part of the whole person. Many of the psychotherapies rely on awareness of physical sensation and relaxation,and the physical therapies stimulate psychological growth through relaxation and stimulation of neuromuscular networks associated with memories and feelings.

EMDR - a very powerful and brief therapy to defuse emotional charge around past, present, or future situations or relationships. Bilateral stimulation is used while the client is focusing on the disturbing image, memory, or situation. A very specific protocol is followed to help the client integrate and process disturbing mental content. It has been extremely effective in treating Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and many other psychological conditions in a very short time.

 EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)   and TFT (thought field therapy) -  both rely on tapping acupuncture points to change ingrained habits of thinking and feeling. They can be used to treat anything from stress, anxiety, depression to allergies. While TFT relies on specific formulas (algorithms) for different states, EFT uses a more general approach combined with psychological affirmations.

VISUALIZATION - the body responds to an internal image as intensely as an external image. Deep states of relaxation can be created by focusing on peaceful and beautiful images from all the 5 senses. Imagery can also be used for symbolic journeys in inner space that reveal blocking beliefs, thoughts and feelings on the way to reaching one's goal. Visualization engages the right side of the brain which has access to and upon the deeper structures of the brain not available to left-sided cognitions. Memories, dreams, physical habits and automatic responses can be accessed and altered from here.

HYPNOSIS - the subconsicous is enlisted to support stated goals and to bypass conscious blocks. By focusing on breathing and other body sensations or images, the conscious mind relaxes, and attention can be directed to memories or awarenesses needed to achieve goals. New neural associations can be establsihed that leads to new behavior.

 SELECTIVE AWARENESS - a sympton is traced back over time to its original formation and cause. It is then healed while in the past state allowing it to resolve in the present.

 COGNITIVE BEHAVIORAL THERAPY - the impact of thoughts and beliefs on feelings and behavior is observed and challenged. Early beliefs about the self as a result of early experience still govern feelings. These beliefs are identified and challenged.